Friday, February 6, 2009

What If The Octuplet Mom Was Black?

She is broke.

She stays with her parents who are of modest means.

Her Grandmother declared bankruptcy.

She already has six kids. She gets in vitro (don't know how she paid for it) to have eight more.

The media and the American public greeted her with open arms.

Oh; she's also white.

Sometimes it's all about perceptions. In America, how much does race shape our perceptions?

Would reaction have been different if the Octuplet mom was black?


UniqueAmericanConscience said...

Well, that's easy. The 'mainstream' media will classify her as the second coming of the 'welfare' queen. She would've been crucified by the so-called 'conservative-right'. I think the 'doctor(s)' that allowed this experiment should be barred or 'examined' himself.

UniqueAmericanConscience said...

Well, that's easy. The 'mainstream' media will classify her as the second coming of the 'welfare' queen. She would've been crucified by the so-called 'conservative-right'. I think the 'doctor(s)' that allowed this experiment should be barred or 'examined' himself.

UniqueAmericanConscience said...

My apologies for the duplicate posts.


Iam Robert said...

Unique: Thanks for joining the discussion!

I totally agree! But why is this so? Why does the media and "mainstream" American treat minorities this way? Did you know that there are far more whites on welfare than blacks. And tell me this, what's paying farmers not to grow crops...when the world is starving?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the conservative-right would crucify her.

I am not sure if the story would have been told if she was black, but I believe that if it was told that the media would have had the same response. The media is fascinated in the ridiculousness of this case and I think that would trump any racial issues.

That being said, I think two things might happen if she was black. Some openly bigoted and ignorant people would make some stupid comment abut black women and babies. And some black folk, with the intention do defend perceived attacks on blackness would suggest that there were more racial issues involved than their actual was.

Regardless, I don't know why we have been hearing about this story for the past weeks. Is it really pertinent that we know about her mentally disturbed lady's issues?

Iam Robert said...

blackwasp: I do agree that the media is in love with a “crazy” story--I just wonder how long the story would have gone on and what angle the story would have taken. I also agree with you about the responses from radical racist and black folk defending “the cause.”

Perhaps Unique is on to something. Is it possible that if the Octuplet mom were black, the media would have just reported the story and left it at that (because they assume that‘s what black folk do)? But in this case, they continue the story. Perhaps the media and white America wants this woman to succeed by continuing to cover this story. Could it be that by covering the story, the media wants to keep this story in the public eye to continue charitable donations to this lady? Or maybe even a book deal?

Also, how do you feel about the alleged $100+ that she received from a law suit that she didn’t even tell her folks about?

Do you think that the fact that we have been hearing about her deranged acts support any of the my theories?

Anji said...

I'm seeing this story from Europe and most of the women I've spoken to here think that she is sick. As a mother I can't help wondering how she will give her love and time to all of those children.

unfortunately, we all know the answer to your question.

Have you seen these?

Iam Robert said...


Thanks so much for joining our discussion and bringing a Eurocentric point of view.

You know, I'm from the Southern part of the US and in the past, large families were the norm to help tend farms. But even then, it was a real test to deal with multiple children. So, like you, I wonder how these children will receive quality time with their mother, yet alone support them. Have you heard anything about the whereabouts of the father(s) of the first six? I can't help but feel she was very selfish; do you? I also wonder what our child welfare agencies think of this. If she does require aid, would it be fair to test her mental competency? How do you think you governmental authorities would have handled this? Do the doctors performing this procedure bear some blame?

Again, thanks so much for you thoughts and please keep us abreast of how this story is being covered in your area.

Anji said...

It seems to have dropped out of the news. There are some women here who seen to think that they should have a baby with every man that drops by. I think it's to do with babies giving unconditional love to their mothers. Unfortunately babies turn into difficult teenagers very quickly and before they know where they are they are repeating the cycle. I don't think you could attach colour to this problem.

I would not wish that her babies are taken into care, I just hope that she manages to keep her family together

Iam Robert said...


Funny you should mention this one. Have you heard that an African-American man now claims he may be the kids father (sperm donor)?

This issue just keeps getting more tangled. I'll post an update soon!