Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Perspective on President's Address To Congress: The Biggest Issue Facing "U.S." Is Working Together

Why, both before and after his address to Congress, did I hear the pundits ask if President Obama could accomplish all the things he outlined? Isn't this more than about the President? Isn't this more than about bi-partisanship? Don't we, the American public, have a stake in this? Isn't this still the United States of America?

After listening to the pundits I'm convinced of one thing; the BIGGEST issue facing "U.S." today is finding a way to work together: as individuals, families, communities, states, political parties, races, religions, and industries.

You know, this is our nation and the problems we face...they're all of ours too.

So you tell me; what were your impressions of President Obama's Congressional address?

  • What did you get from the President's address to Congress?

  • What did you think of the speech?

  • Do you feel more or less confident?

  • What should we all do now?

  • Was there anything you really disagreed with?

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