Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wanna Speak To The President? Yes You Can!

I tell you, sometimes in life you find something that's just so right, so real, so timely, you just have to tell someone about it. I've found that something.

As you know, my main mission here at the African-American Pragmatist is to explore and hopefully find solutions to the issues that really affect the African-American community. One of the predominating issues of our time has been how to get young people plugged into the political system. Well, I believe Barack Obama got it right using the Internet and all of its technology and tools to get the word out to young people and get their feedback in return. But, he's not the only one!

So has Hip Hop. Hip Hop? Yes. As you probably know, Hip Hop was born as a medium for young people to express themselves and tell their experiences growing up in an Urban environment. Hip Hop has always been ground-breaking, if not always positive. Well, Hip Hop has taken a novel approach and stand on the issues with the Hip Hop Caucus. I must say, I am impressed. The site is chalked full of useful information on the issues, the politicians, the political scene and how it affects young people. But the one thing that really stood out on my visit to the site was a survey you can fill out electronically, to send to President Obama. The survey even includes background on the issues behind the questions--not only is that convenient: that's hip!

So please, black people, check it out, fill it out, and PASS IT ON.

Go on, do it. I did, and here's what they asked me to tell you:
"President Obama is creating a White House Office on Urban Policy and the Hip Hop Caucus will be working with this new office to ensure that our concerns and ideas are heard. President Obama has put together a 9 point Urban Policy agenda, and I just filled out a survey about these 9 points at http://www.hiphopcaucus.org/speak-to-obama, and gave my ideas on what policies and programs our cities need.

Go fill it out! It's only 10 questions. The Hip Hop Caucus will deliver the survey responses to the White House Office on Urban Policy and Members of Congress, and keep us informed on what is going on."

Thanks so much Dovescorner (a Twitter Tweet I follow), for pointing out this opportunity to me. And by the way, if you get a chance; visit her on Twitter!