Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Georgia HBCUs To Fall?

In news straight from the Associated Press, Republican Senator Seth Harp, Chairman of Georgia’s Higher Education Committee, is proposing that two of the states Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) merge with white colleges.

You read me right! Because of a $2 billion budget shortfall, Senator Harp wants to merge Savannah State University and Albany State University with nearby white colleges. reports, and I quote, that the Senator feels the mergers would “…save money and, in the process…erase a vestige of Jim Crow-era segregation.” End quote. Now ain’t that a b*#@ch! Let’s see here: in Georgia we got a Muslim in Douglasville who was arrested for not removing her traditional religious head dress, there’s the case of a bar owner in Marietta who printed up “Obama monkey” T-shirts (they sold like hot cakes by the way), and the Alpharetta woman who had racist graffiti painted on her home twice in one week, and rampant police profiling and institutional racism in Columbus. I’ll have you know that Turner County High School, located in rural Ashburn, just integrated its prom in 2007. So now the Senator wants to effectively close two fine black institutions because their existence is segregationist? Oh hell to the no!

I’m totally against merging ANY HBCU with a white college: (1) HBCU’s have historically provided our children better educations about the contributions of their ancestors to this rock called the U.S. of A; (2) HBCU’s provide a more familiar living environment for our children as the campuses are built around their needs; (3) HBCU’s have turned out some of the finest minds in history—Martin Luther King, Guion S. Buford Jr., Alexis Herman, Thurgood Marshall just to nave a few; and (4) Black men who attended a HBCU incomes increased faster each year than those who did not, according to Newswise; and (5) the kids at both the HBCU and white colleges are going where THEY want to go, with whom THEY want to go with, in the atmosphere THEY want to be in, in an environment which gave them a choice of the schools THEY wanted to attend.

While attending a HBCU is not right for every person of color, their value is still immeasurable today.

And oh, by the way, did you know that the Governor Sonny Purdue wants to spend $28 million to build a site for a bass fishing tournament in middle Georgia?

Senator Harp, help your fellow politicians fix the budget and leave our schools alone!

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