Sunday, December 28, 2008

23 Days To Inauguration: Should You Care About What Rick Warren Is Saying?

There’s a furor in the black community over the selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Many, in both the black and Gay communities’ criticize Mr. Warren for his stances on the issues of Gay marriage and abortion. But it’s not that Mr. Warren is speaking at the inauguration that bothers me. I’m concerned about all the other “motivating” elements out there and their influence on white Anglo-Saxon sentiment.

First up are conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. As you know, Mr. Limbaugh is almost always surrounded in controversy for exposing racist and bigoted views. For instance, as the host of "Sunday NFL Countdown" Mr. Limbaugh said that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed. Most recently, during the 2008 Presidential election, Mr. Limbaugh avidly stated that he and all the “angry white males” out there were conducting a grass roots anti-Obama election campaign called “Operation Chaos.” Its purported purpose was to get a “less electable” Barack Obama the nomination. So much for that! But I digress. He also sparked controversy by playing a comedy video about a Democrat named Barack Obama running for President. He also routinely played a video called "Barack The Magic Negro". Now I won’t dignify this man by reciting all the things he’s said and done to alienate people in the black and Gay community. If you want to know more visit Wikipedia for a comprehensive selection. The point I’m making is that Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk show hosts like him make a living instilling hate and fear: they have lots of listeners— Rush has over 12 million daily and 20 million weekly.

Next on my list of things that worry me is the ever present “Old Boy Network.” Sarah Kaip, in an article entitled Women and the “Old Boy” Network, Sums it up thus:

“Monday morning meetings begin with talk about Sunday’s football scores. Men in upper management invite lower level male employees to lunch. Water cooler conversations center on hot rods and drag racing. Do you ever feel like you work amidst the “old boy” network? An “old boy” network has a more formal definition. It’s an exclusive and informal network that links members of a social class or profession in order to provide connections, information, and favors—especially in business or politics. When a boss hires a friend of a friend, that person was hired through the “old boy” network. When a man gets a promotion because his friends are on the committee that decides promotions, he is arguably the beneficiary of “old boy” networking.”

The “Old Boy” network is a danger to any economic stimulus plan simply because the monies from said plan would most certainly not filter down to people of color. Even worse, this means that any such plan would only serve to stimulate the kind of "hiden racism" that has kept black folk down; even to this very day.

I’m also concerned about the mindset of the “angry white males”. You know, “Joe Six-pack”, “Joe the Plumber”, “Joe Bag of Donuts”, etc. These are the men that were captivated by Sarah Palin: a gun-toting, hunting, fishing, boisterous, hockey-mom with almost no understanding of world geography or politics. These are also the very same men that are now buying guns in droves. Can black folk have true justice and live in peace with this type of “thinking”?
Finally there is the Religious Right. And this is where Rick Warren fits in, but not because of what he’s saying at the inauguration, but because of what he and others like him are doing. Note what Theocracy Watch had to say:

“One way to understand the Religious Right is to look at the kinds of legislation their lawmakers sponsor. In the U.S. Congress and in state legislatures, bills are proposed that are anti-women, anti-labor, and anti-civil rights. Their legislation opposes finance campaign reform; environmental protection; gun control; social justice for the poor; public education; teaching evolution; human sexuality; and a separation of church and state.”

More importantly, these folks are in cahoots with our politicians to change and or make political policy—that affects you. Using their large congregations, media access, and tax exempt status they have the funding and follower ship to influence politicians to endorse their political agendas.

So no, I’m not a bit concerned that Rick Warren is praying at Barack Obama's Inauguration and you shouldn't’t be either. We have more important things to worry about.


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