Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As Economy Sinks Guns Sales Climb: Why? The Darker Side Of Human Nature

Every since the election of Barack Obama as the first black President of the United States, gun sales have been steadily climbing: so much so until there is now a nation-wide shortage of ammunition.

Know who's buying? White folk.

My question is why and what does it mean, if anything, for the average African-American citizen.

Many of the articles and forums cite possible Obama gun control measures as the reason: Obama administration might rise taxes on guns or restrict gun ownership. According to Southcoast.today.com, " It amounts to "panic buying" — people are buying now because of the strong possibility that their sale could be outlawed within Obama's term, especially if the so-called "assault weapons ban" in reinstated. The uptick began in October, with many gun-owners fearing Obama would be elected." As a gun owner myself, I can understand people's concern over restrictions of their gun rights. But in these tough times, when many of us are forced to cut back to the bare necessities, literally choose between food and medicine, is there a darker side to this issue?

Yes, there is. I have also found that gun purchases have also been climbing because of the worsening economy, racist fear mongering (both from conservative talk radio and white racist groups), and National Rifle Association propaganda which has served to fuel fears of crime and civil disorder. Many white people in the U.S. are preparing for catastrophe right now and fear the possibility of civil disorder quite high right now. If you don't believe me, just check out this fact: more than three dozen interviews with gun dealers and buyers in Virginia and Maryland and with experts nationwide indicated that the increase in gun sales appears to be driven predominantly by concerns about the presidential election and the economy. You also see it in a resurgence of the "Survivalist Movement." The current trend is toward Economic Survivalist, but many white Americans are moving far beyond this and seem to be preparing for all out war.

Why should black folk be concerned with all of this? Well, racism still exist in America and black man, you are still being painted as the villain. While I know we have our own problems to contend with, so do white Americans. With the advent of a struggling economy, a schizophrenic stock market, record job losses, and white supremacist and NRA propaganda, many white people are being driven to sheer panic. Now, while not all are going out and buying guns, many are.

What can you do? I don't know, buying a bunch of guns is not the answer. Perhaps awareness is. I just want you to know that there are a lot more sacred folk out there running around with guns, isolating themselves, and thinking you are the cause of all their ills.

While there are a lot of issues out there, I found this one quite alarming for the simple reason that it appears there are a few groups out there who, "want to the are to pop off," or at least have white folk think it will, for personal gain.

For this, I have no words. How will you deal with this? My international brothers and sisters, what do you make of this? As you look in, can you tell me why we are so afraid of each other here?

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RiPPa said...

When you think that this country came together for change last year as it's billed, you have the ugly truth. The election of Obama has further polarized this country no matter how high his approval rating is currently.

Iam Robert said...


You're absolutely right. Every since Rush Limbaugh launched his "Operation Chaos" I knew many white Americans were concerned about the prospect of a African American President and what that would bring. I think Barack's election has revealed what many of us already knew--our schools, our churches, and our communities are polarized--if we must, we are in the same space but separate in heart.

I'm saddened that many feel they have to arm themselves in one of the greatest democracies on earth. But I wonder, why couldn't they understand Malcolm X's same need during the civil rights era? I’m not saying either was right, but both were human.

Any ideas on how to bridge the gap between the races? Where are these folks getting their information? Finally, does this trend disturb you at all and what, if anything, are you doing?

SweetIceT said...
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SweetIceT said...

I agree totally - there is still a minority (and not so silent) that would rather see this country burn as Rome did before we really have real meaningful race relations. What are they preparing for - WWIII?

Iam Robert said...


Welcome back!

What are they preparing for? I don't know! But they are preparing. My main concern is where on earth are they getting their information and what is that source's agenda? Care to tackle that one?

Thanks again for commenting.

Anji said...

I'm here!

I read recently about the shortage of ammunition - the blogpost was written by someone who belongs to a club. I've never liked guns.(dumb statement there, who does?) My dad had one for shooting rabbits and pests on the farm. It was the finality of its use that struck me as evil.

There is a quote somewhere, something like. 'A man will never forgive you for the wrong he has done you' Perhaps there is unease in some of the white population that now that Obama is president it will be a time of revenge taking.

Guns and the USA are part of the English syllabus for French teenagers. Somewhere in the house we have a copy of a poster which gives statistics (from the 80s) The most shocking part is the number of children who are killed playing with their parent’s guns.

We have guns in France, though I’m pleased to report that the arms seller in the centre of town – like the fur shop - has closed down due to lack of customers.

If the laws change would the black market make things even worse?

RiPPa said...

Well Robert, Malcolm X's delivery and mission in their eyes was Black Supremacy as the counter for White Supremacy. They being the dominant culture back then as they are now, are privileged to think the way they do.

To me, the only way to bridge the gap is for more people Black and White, to speak truth to power. Not in an angry way, but yet a prophetic way the likes of some of our greatest Civil Rights leaders and activists both Black and White.

We must all be of the understanding that this country is ran by a wealthy few, and as a result, political interests as expressed by politicians (Obama included) will always be beholden to those interests an not that of the people. Pretty much, we're all the same in that regard and the enemy is not us. But instead, those wealthy few who are intent on having us fight among each other as a means of controlling the majority which is us.

At the end of the day, us Blacks need to become better organized and make it a point to align ourselves with any other group in defense of democracy. There's a need for a coalition which though humble, posses the affinity for prophetic speaking and Socratic questioning.

Iam Robert said...


Welcome back! I've missed you! Yes, here in the US many do love guns. In fact, many feel it one of the founding principles of our nation. On the other hand, as Rippa and I have pointed out, it just may be time to rething open, UNRESTRICTED ownership of weapons. While we donot agree with personality test, etc. we do agree that someting must be done.

And yes, many states and counties in this country have considered laws restricting gun ownership. Many feel that to limit gun ownership would only let criminals own guns. If you remember, the Supreme Court just decided a bip case in Washington DC regarding their attempted legislation of certain types of guns--the NRA and gun lobby won, and the legislation was stricken down.

I've seen on several documentaries on the subject that guns are very plentiful on the black market. One of the big problems with regulating them, especially the Chinese assault rifles, are the sheer number of weapons out there. Did you know that there are already enough guns in the US to arm every citizen? Also, the Chinese varient of the AK47 was made in such large quantities, that they are literally spread all over the world!

Makes one think doesn't it!

Iam Robert said...


Sage words my friend, sage words. And I think you're definitely on the right track. We have to talk, but not in a way the makes people feel threatened. Problem is, I think conservative talk radio and the Christian Right are doing enough of that for everyone.

You mentioned two high notes: First, the country is run by the wealthy few. How do we, as ordinary citizens, influence them that to "do the right thing” is in their best interest? Second, you said that we as citizens must organize. Any ideas on how we can do that on a local and then national level?