Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Economic Survivalist: A Few of Their Strategies Can Help You In These Uncertain Times

Are you worried about the future? Are you concerned about the economy? If so, you’re not alone. According to a recent Gallop Poll, “55 percent of consumers rate current economic conditions poor.” It’s a small wonder that record mortgage foreclosures, an anemic stock market, a collapsing banking system, record unemployment, high prices for basic items, and high uncertainty has created a new offshoot of an old breed: “Economic Survivalists.” Economic Survivalist are people who are cutting expenses by becoming more self-sufficient and self reliant. Note, this is different than your “old school” gun toting apocalypse now variety survivalist who feared world collapse. While some Economic Survivalists do include preparation for a total collapse of civil society in their planning, for many, this is not their main focus.

So, are any of these strategies right for you? I don't know. I do know this, many of these things make sense, not matter what the economic climate. Also, you may find that reviving "almost lost" skills and preparing for tough days make you feel and put you more in control.

Here are some of things Economic Survivalist are doing:

Take Control of Your Food Source

  1. If you can, install a wood furnace somewhere in your home.
  2. If you have the space in your yard, grow a garden. Better yet, get together with family, friends, and love ones, buy a plot of land, and plant together!
  3. Raise farm animals such as chickens, pigs and cows for food.
  4. If you are in an area where you can, hunt and fish to help put meat on the table.
  5. Can your food—remember Grandma’s preserves? Pickle items such as fresh eggs.
    Fix things around the house yourself. Lowes and Home Depot offer excellent classes on many home repairs.

Make Your Household Independent

  1. Produce more of the things you need: paper, candles, soap, bake your own bread, sew your own clothes (many stores carry patterns for making pants and dresses), and make home decor (i.e. curtains, comforters, pillows, chairs, etc.).

  2. Give up anything unnecessary: vacation cruises, restaurant meals, high-tech toys and electronics (big screen televisions, stereos, DVDs, new clothes), etc.
    If you must buy, buy only necessary items and buy them in bulk which is usually cheaper.
    Use herbal remedies to treat minor illnesses.

  3. Do your own home maintenance and repairs.

  4. Do your own automobile maintenance.

Work With Others in Your Community

  1. Get to know your neighbors.

  2. Group related jobs (from several homes) together in order to get a better deal.

  3. Barter; trade services instead of money.

Make Your Money WORK FOR YOU

  1. Begin to pay down your debt but save money for a rainy day.

  2. Save some paper and coin money in a safe place in your house (you might want to invest in a small or medium size safe to store your money and other valuables).

  3. If it isn’t necessary to support life; you don’t need it. And if you can’t buy it with cash; don’t buy it at all.

Remember, economic survival=self sustained living. By now I'm sure you see that this is a “lifestyle.” It can be as involved as you want—the degree is up to you.

Finally, this isn’t just “a black thang.” People all over the world are struggling in these troubled times. Many were struggling when we in the U.S. were experiencing our highest standard of living. Yet, people all over the world are learning to survive in these troubling times—knowing how; that’s confidence. Knowing you can weather the storm; that’s power.

Want to know more? Comment on this post and I’ll get you the answers you seek. Are you an Economic Survivalist? Have you found a great way to save money?

Share! Let me know what you are doing to get by.


Anji said...

You've given me a few ideas there, thanks.

we've been struggling for several years now. we just don't earn enough money to live. many people are worse off than us, most of the people who go under in France aren't in debt because of extravagance, they just wern't earning enough to live!
It does help to have a positive attitude and count your blessings. We never go on holiday, but we live near to the sea and marshes so we go for long walks, picnics swims etc. I've created my own business from a hobby as there were no jobs to be had - again a lot of people would like to make a living from their hobbies.

In winter wear extra layers of clothes to keep warm, saves a lot on heating bills.

Iam Robert said...


Great observations.

You know, the more I talk with people the more I know that we all are facing pretty much the same challenges...to live, love, and thrive. That's why I wrote this post so that we could all benefit from each other's ideas and experiences.

I love your idea of wearing more clothes instead of burning more heat--just wish my daughters would listen!

Have you tried taping plastic over the windows? I haven't seen a home yet where the windows were air tight.

Also, here’s something I've want to try but can't find here in the U.S. The Japanese have a large table with a heater. As a family, they all stick their legs under and sleep together. That way, they only need to heat one room for comfort. While there I tried it and it was great!