Friday, June 26, 2009

You Left Too Soon ~ A Tribute To Michael Jackson

clip_image002 You left too soon.

I remember it was only yesterday, maybe Late ’79, that you came to visit. Now you’re gone. But we’re still here, experiencing this thing called life, still here to carry on. We are here: fighting, crying, laughing and playing. Yeah, ,79 was really Off The Wall. I’m sure you’re proud of what we did: Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. was elected the first black Mayor of Atlanta and Coleman Young was elected the first black Mayor of Detroit. But still; we miss you. We want to be with you, to have just one more good time to Rock With You.

clip_image003 You left too soon.

I was talking to Bille Jean just the other day in ’82. We were talking about what a Thriller it was: Rev. Ben Chavis’ struggles to block a toxic waste dump in Warren County; North Carolina launched a national campaign against environmental racism. And, Bryant Gumbel was named anchor of The Today Show and became the first African American to hold the post on a major network. I was so pumped up! She said that I always Wanna Be Starting Something. Na, I’m just tired. I’m tired of pouring out swigs for my “homies.” I’m tired of attending funerals. I’m tired of walking behind draped chariots or following in somber processions. I’m tired of 21-gun salutes. I’m tired of dancing in the streets with fewer of my friends. I’m tired of being tired. I guess I’m just tired of seeing good men die too young.

clip_image005 You left too soon.
You see, I will never forget The Way You Make Me Feel—the joy, pain, sorrow and happiness. Sometimes I didn’t like it. Sometimes I didn’t understand. But through it all one thing remained constant—I always felt real. Yeah, ’87 was a rough year; hundreds of our families that really felt Bad. We remember that this was the year that HIV/AIDS ranked 10th as a cause of death for African Americans (third for African-American men, fifth for African-American women between 25 and 34 years of age, and ninth for African-American children ages 0 to 14). Even more sadly, many of those inflicted were treated like some sort of pariah…Smooth Criminal.

clip_image006 You left too soon.

In ’91 did you Remember The Time Roland Burris become the first black attorney general of Illinois? Or who could forget the Los Angeles police force beating and arrest of Rodney King after a San Fernando Valley traffic stop? What about Clarence Thomas, taking a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court? Or Julie Dash releases “Daughters of the Dust,” the first feature film by an African American woman? clip_image008 And although our emotions would sway too and fro like a ship in the wind, we had your music and your life to see us through. I had you Michael to Rock My World.

clip_image010 Yes Michael, you left too soon.

But now, you are gone. You are no longer with us. In this year, when we have so much to celebrate—most notably the election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States. And so many challenges: home foreclosures, Wall Street, bank bailouts, healthcare reform. The list goes on and on. I guess we will have to hold on to the memories, both good and bad. And as I think about it, I know what you would tell me, tell us. I, we, must do our best…because We Are The World.


SweetIceT said...

This is a beautiful tribute - words can not express the sorrow of hearing about Michael Jackson's death. And what's more troubling is that it appears Michael's death will be marred in controversy almost as much as the latter part of his life. Fortunately his music and humanitarism will help to transcend of this controversy and allow us to focus on and appreciate the man - Yes, gone too gone.

Iam Robert said...


Thank you for your kind words and love for Michael.

And, you are so right. I'm sitting here watching "The Insider" and it's a shark feast! They are saying that a lot of rumors are circulating...dah, they're the ones spreading them! But he was loved, especially overseas. And as you have said, his talent, his generosity, his compassion, will outshine his human frailties, frailties we all have by the way.
Now, they can’t hound him anymore.

EuroYank said...

Yes he was and is loved especially overseas. The big story that everybody missed, is how he was able to build himself up and how in the end American Society tore him down. The Police State, and all the Parasites, and even his trusted doctor all ganged up and killed him slowly over time, and Ironically his FANS had no clue and just ate up the music while American Society ATE HIM UP ALIVE!

Iam Robert said...


Having watched "The Insider" and the news media today; I can't help but agree.

Why is the US so hard on some folk? And why would a physician give a person drugs they don't need--then run?

Hey, you make lots of sense! Thanks for stopping by and please keep visiting.

Deborah Katy said...

it was one of the most beautiful tributes i read till now for him from all the blogs I have visited.
Thank you very much. I love Michael since I was a little girl and have no clue how my life will be without him. He was a big part of everything and now he´s gone. And I will never be able to see him personally and thank him for everything he did, for all the inspiration, for all the love he gave.
My heart cries out for him.
thank you once again.

Iam Robert said...


You are so very welcome. Michael was an icon of epic proportions--style, showmanship, talent, etc. Artist just don't come like this anymore. But, let us remember all the great memories he gave us. You know, Michael always said he wanted to be loved...and he is.