Sunday, June 21, 2009

PETA Pissed ‘Cause Obama Kills Fly. Who Cares? Let Me Tell You What We Should Be Talking About!

PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is upset with President Obama because he killed a fly during a recent interview with CNBC. The organization even went as far as to send him a Katcha Bug; a device that catches bugs not kills them.

Give me a break! You tell me with all that’s going wrong with the country today, all PETA has to focus on is the killing of a fly? And just think; this is the same organization that called for the imprisonment of Michael Vick.

Here are just a few of the issues WE SHOULD be talking about:

1. The Economy. Deep recession, job loss, and retirement savings loss are the current drivers of the challenges to the economy right now.

2. Breakdown of the family. Welfare: a system that makes government dependency more attractive than husbands. Illegitimacy: children born out of wedlock have increased from 23.6% in 1963 to nearly 70% of all black children today. Absence of black fathers: Over three-quarters of black household do not have fathers in the home or involved with the children. Even more don’t have a positive male role model around. Marriage or lack thereof: Half of all black women and men are not married.

3. Black anti-intellectualism. Accusations of "acting white" in the classroom, as detailed by John McWhorter, undermine education as a vehicle for advancement. Instead, black leaders expend enormous resources to advance affirmative action at a small number of elite universities, unmindful of the pernicious effects it has had on talented young blacks. Low-Effort Syndrome: African-American students are not putting forth the effort to succeed in the classroom while parents enable them to do so. The high school dropout rate in the U.S. is higher for black males than any other group — 53 percent. There are so few African-American males attending college until it’s be deemed a crisis by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

4. Failure of urban K-12 schools. Teachers unions and the education establishment have been more interested in pay-raises and grants than student achievement, testing, and competition from Catholic schools. Not to mention the costs of replacing the more effective Basic Instruction with the Self-Esteem pedagogy.

The failure of urban schools is not attributable to a lack of funding. There has been a 300% real increase in per pupil spending since 1970. This increase has been only modestly offset by increases in special need students from 8.3% to 11.8% of the student body - of which the percentage of seriously challenged children actually declined.

5. High incarceration rate of black men. Black males make up more than half of America's prison inmates. They are four times more likely than whites and twice as likely as Hispanics to be jailed.

6. Reduced respect for human life. A study conducted by Northeastern University found that nationwide, the number of black male juvenile homicide victims increased by 31 percent from 2002 to 2007. The number of homicide perpetrators within the same demographic group increased by 43 percent during the same time period. As if that weren’t bad enough, black women have nearly 30% of the all abortions, resulting in the death of 350,000 fetuses a year or one every 90 seconds

7. Financial Freedom. Today, many African-Americans (regardless of educational and employment status) are living paycheck to paycheck, overwhelmed with debt—stressing already fragile families to the limit.

8. Poor Lifestyle Choices. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, two-thirds of the difference between death rates among African Americans and Caucasians are now due to causes that could be prevented or cured. – Wow

And these are just a few.

Even more idiotic; the media covered this story! That’s exactly the reason why folks like us have to holler at the top of our lungs—TO GET PEOPLE TO MAKE COMMON SENSE!


Elizabeth Barrette said...

I'm just happy to have a president who knows that flies spread germs and is coordinated enough to kill one...

... and is also making valiant attempts to deal with real issues like the economy, health coverage, and climate change.

Iam Robert said...


You're so right! We need to be talking about the real issues facing Americans and the world. Although it was probably just a publicity stunt, personally, I think PETA lessens its credibility when they say something like this.

Thanks for commenting and keep them coming!


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