Monday, January 26, 2009

The Secret To Finding Jobs In An Obama Economy (Part 3 of 3)

While there seems to be much debate on Capital Hill about the size, scope, and timing of the ecomonic stimulus package, please note, there will be some sort of economic help on the horizon aimed at creating jobs. So, what can you do to be the best position to capatilize on this environment?


  • Polish up your skills or broaden them to be qualified for the job you want.

  • Monitor you state, city, and county web sites for solicitations (remember, the package will work with Government dollars--solicitaitions must be duly advertised).

  • Follow public college websites or visit them to find out what projects they will undertake.

  • Check local newspaper public announcement pages.

  • Review trade journals to see which companies seek contracts that involve your line of work.

  • Follow your local City Council meetings for word on public works projects being undertaken.

  • Meet with contractors and vendors NOW to introduce yourself, discuss your qualifications, and submit an application and/or resume.

  • Read parts 1 and 2 of this post to find good websites for the position you want and build an online resume.


  • Wait until jobs are advertised--by then you will be competing with hundreds of applicants.

  • Assume the skills you have now will sufice: grow yourself!

  • Rely soley on friends...who knows, they may be out of work soon themselves.

  • Not look for a job just becuase you have one--'nuff said.