Monday, January 19, 2009

Join My "E-March" To Washington! [this is a rolling post]

Today, like so many Americans, I am reflecting on the life and times of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and what his life has meant to me and all Americans. Yet, at the same time, I am also focused on the history that is in the making as we approach the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the United States. Like many African-Americans, I am walking down two paths: the bitter-sweet memories of the days of Dr. King, and the bright future of hope ushered in by President-elect Obama. I've decided to take this journey with all of you. As we walk, I will share my thoughts and feelings as we approach this monumental occasion in our nation's history.

I will update this post with our thoughts, prayers, and please check back often or subscribe.

Come, join me in an Electronic March to Washington and the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44Th President of the United States.

01-19-09 @ 11:15 AM: Assembly At Zion

I woke this morning watching all the black anchors on television, in the cold, talking about the inauguration. The crowds were huge, all braving the cold. Of course, all the who's who of African-American society are there. There was lots of talk about what an Obama presidency would mean and how good it felt. Yet, at the same time, there were only a few comments about Dr. King: not nearly as many as times past. I couldn't help but feel that in some way, Dr. King and the things he accomplished are being overshadowed by the inauguration. This made me sad.

01-19-09 @ 3:13 PM: Crossing The River Of Woe

Just got back from the mall...and it was crowded. I wondered what all those people, especially black people, were doing there. Barack Obama called for all Americans to spend the day doing public service projects to commemorate the life of Dr. King--he's doing so himself and I saw where he was painting in local D.C. community. Yet, despite the home foreclosures, despite the credit crunch, despite the bank bailouts, despite the massive job losses, despite the record number of business closings, despite the crisis on Wall Street, we keep shopping. The President-elect is painting walls and the vast majority of Americans are shopping. Who's got the wrong idea?

01-19-09 @ 8:19 PM: Climbing The Mountain Of Hope

Although the crowds have not gathered, it appears the whole world is alight with hopeful anticipation of President-elect Obama's inauguration as President. CNN reported a world leader as saying, "the Obama spirit of hope just might cure the world economy." I couldn't help but think; was there ever so much pressure for one man to succeed?

01-20-09 2 @ 7:51 AM: Strolling Through The Prairie Of Anticipation

This morning, CNN reported that the majority of Americans thought, "...the dream has been fulfilled." I couldn't disagree more. I thought; the dream will be fulfilled when every citizen of this country has the same access to: education, health care, employment, housing, competent legal representation, and entrepreneurship that Obama has. The dream will be fulfilled when people everywhere are judged by their contributions and not by the color of their skin, religion, culture, gender, or national origin. We're not there yet; there are those who are still harping on Obama's middle name.

01-20-09: @ 11:55 AM: Standing In The Land Of Freedom

And I heard the prophet say no more worn out dogmas or petty politics. ...That's its not if government is to big or too small, but whether it works...and that's how it [government] will be judged. And you know what, the word was good.