Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Black's Woman Opinion re: The Octuplet Mom

I am really growing tired of the attention surrounding the Octuplet mom. I know this short post may strike a chord, which I hope it does, because I believe the elevation of the Octuplet mom to 'media-darling' has some not-so-subtle racial undertones.

If a single African-American mom, who already had 6 children, would have had 8 more babies with no real means of supporting such a large family, I doubt she would have received such outpouring of sentiment. First of all, her mental state would have been questioned. DHR/Child Services would have likely taken immediate custody of those 8 babies, as well as the 6 at home, and ordered evaluations of the mother. Everyone would have likely been speculating about the mom's motivations: Was she doing just to get a check (or a 'fatter' check, assuming the mother was already receiving public assistance)? Additionally, what medical practitioner would have assisted a single African American mom of 6 by impregnating her to give birth to 8 more? I believe a single African American mom in similar circumstances as the Octuplet mom would have been denigrated, rather than exalted, in the court of public opinion. And why would a Mother allow throngs of cameras, lights, and people in her home at a time when these young babies need less media attention and more of their mother's attention?

I would like to hear from you - after all this is only one Black woman's opinion.